Carpet weavers morocco carol rumens essay

Get Access Carpet Weavers Morrocco A poem written by Carol Rumens Nowhere in the title was anything about children expected, the natural imagery created had been of workers weaving carpets who had naturally been assumed as adults.

Carpet weavers morocco carol rumens essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Rumens uses several literary features to sympathize, but not empathize with the children suffering through child labour. The children, who are referred to in this poem, are compared to the children who have a normal life — those who come from a richer family.

Carpet weavers morocco carol rumens essay

The depiction of inequality prevails throughout the poem. Television is what richer children watch as entertainment. However, the young carpet-weavers consider watching their work like television — for long never-ending hours — as their only form of entertainment.

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Morocco is an Islamic country, and the Islamic religion speaks of equality. Ironically, child labour is present, which is completely against the religion of Islam.

From the poem, it seems that the poet feels that the children have no hope in the future, and the poverty and inequality will still prevail in the future. The last three stanzas are all written in the future tense. The last stanza is the climax of the poem.

The fact that a period has not been used shows the everlasting and interminable dreams of the children of having a better life, which will never be accomplished.

The poet makes good use of punctuation this way, and other literary devices. Carol Rumen effectively evokes feelings of sympathy from the reader, and really allows the reader connect to the poem and have strong views towards the issue. More essays like this:Comparative Commentary on “Muliebrity” by Sujata Bhatt and “Carpet-weavers, Morocco” by Carol Rumens T he poems “.

Carpet-Weavers, Morocco Carol Rumens By Marium Saud Japanwala Rumens, through the title of her poem is portraying a scene in Morocco, consisting of carpet weavers. This establishes a theme of work which runs throughout the poem.

Carpet-Weavers, Morocco.

Carpet weavers morocco carol rumens essay

Carol Rumens. By. Marium Saud Japanwala. Rumens, through the title of her poem is portraying a scene in Morocco, consisting of carpet weavers/5(6). OR 21 Explore some of the descriptions which you find particularly effective in Carpet Weavers, Morocco (by Carol Rumens) and Muliebrity (by Sujata Bhatt).

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