Croygas sports club essay

The away fans came under attack as home supporters threw flares into the stands. Naturally, such things are bogglingly, unimaginably expensive to rent — but it was amusing to hear that the tip is also mandatory. How do you turn a team who suffer a cup final defeat by invincible double winners into one who demolish them in their next meeting to maintain an unbeaten start to a new season? Working without expectations with a team laden with stars — not least four Dutch European Championship winners — but lacking direction, the Australian set about his task.

Croygas sports club essay

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Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The role of Croygas FC is the following: As well as cricket, they are opportunities for younger people to play junior cricket or Kwick cricket.

As well as the pub, Croygas organises social events such as quizzes and competitions for people to enjoy. This would allow football fans to go to the pub together and enjoy the game. It creates a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

This gives people the chance to make new friends and gives them a sense of belonging. Playing structure- Croygas FC provides many sporting opportunities for people of all ages including football teams from the ages of There are also usually 2 teams to every age group.

The Croygas Cricket Club also provides teams for all ages. There are youth teams and adult teams which again are known as the 1st team. There are professional coaches that help out with the younger teams. The 1st team are in the Division 5 of the Surrey Championship League and they are near to promotion.

Facilities- The facilities at Croygas FC are average. The club house includes a bar area with seating and a wide screen television which show live football matches. The bar area however is small. There is a dance hall which is of reasonable size can hold about people in it.

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There are 2 junior sized football pitches and one adult sized football pitch at Croygas. The problem with this is when I played for Croygas we always played on the junior pitches and they were too small for teams of our ages.

The first team gets priority over the main pitch which is the largest and in the best condition. There are also netball pitches which can be converted into tennis courts.

In the middle of the field is the cricket pitch which is very well looked after but it is usually sealed off so that no one goes on it. There is a bowls pitch which is secluded the reason being so that nobody can get onto the pitch. Again the pitch is really well looked after which is why it is sealed off.

It is also not too far from Croydon and very close to Wallington which are big towns so it could attract a lot of people as it is local for them. People who are already members of the club will encourage their friends to join and play for the teams so this will make more people join the club from local areas.

There are many job opportunities for people that live around the area.

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The differences between the two clubs are: It has a bowls green, a cricket pitch and 3 football pitches. The football pitches however are all cramped up and there is only 1 good size football pitch. Facilities- they have 18 tennis courts, 6 of which are on grass and 5 of these tennis courts are floodlight all year round.

They have 5 glass-back squash courts which have their own changing rooms. An excellent well looked after lacrosse pitch, 2 senior netball courts and 1 indoor court.

A cricket pitch and bowls green in superb condition. This will offer a lot of opportunities to the locals that which to use the club. Location- the location of this club is better than Croygas.

This therefore offers many more people the opportunity to use the club as it is local to more towns. Playing Structure- they offer many different teams for many ages which is good because it gives people of all ages the opportunity to play.

This includes cricket, football, bowls and trampoline. However it does offer a variety of sports for both boys and girls who want to play sport e.Croygas Sports club has many roles and responsibilities that people have to fill.

Here is a list of these roles and responsibilities of the personnel involved in the club: President A president is the title given to a person who is head of an organisation or Croygas Sports club has many roles and responsibilities that people have to fill.

Here is a list of these roles and responsibilities of the personnel involved in the club: President A president is the title given to a person who is head of an organisation or company. Social Links. Visit Croygas Sports Club on Facebook; Opening Times.

Croygas sports club essay

Add opening times. Owner--club--About the Club. Croygas Sports Club started out as a sports facility provided by British Gas for their staff. Croygas can set up fund raising events such as quiz nights, raffles, club days in order to raise money for the refurbishment.

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Croygas sports club essay

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