Writing a lesson plan for kindergarten

Students will be able to identify circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. Introduction Gather the students where they can watch the music videos. Watch Shapes Song and Preschool Shapes song on the interactive whiteboard. After watching the videos, ask the students which shapes they noticed.

Writing a lesson plan for kindergarten

Students will learn to recognize the lower-case letters of the alphabet when seeing the letters in print. Students will learn how to write the lower-case letters of the alphabet with the help of musical rhymes.

There is a reason why kindergarten and pre-school students recognize capital letters more easily than lower-case letters.

How to Write a Preschool Lesson Plan (with Sample Plan)

It is because, unlike the capitals, lower-case letters often look very similar to each other. The lower-case alphabet letters are composed of only a limited number of basic shapes which we can label as the hole circlethe stick short linethe pole long linethe curl partial circlethe hump gumdrop shapeand the curly pole pole plus curl.

Letter d is a hole and a pole, while letter b is a pole and a hole. Notice that we describe the letters from left to right, in the same direction that we read and write. In this lesson plan, the song Little Partners addresses the issue of lower-case letter recognition by teaching the set of basic shapes.

With this vocabulary, both students and teacher are able to describe the lower-case letters, taking them out of the realm of the abstract. It should be noted that some lower-case letters very closely mimic their capital letter partners. Because students do not have difficulty identifying these letters, they are not included in the song.

Every time students sing the song Little Partners, they reinforce lowercase letter recognition by pointing to letters and tracing them with their fingers in the corresponding Mini-Charts.

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With daily practice, students can learn to recognize and write the entire lower-case letter alphabet within a few weeks. Before teaching this lesson, be sure that students have learned the capital letters as covered in the previous lesson, Recognizing Capital Letters.

The capital and lower-case letters can also be reinforced with the Read-and-Sing books, Alphabet Letters and Little Partners. However, commercial print often contains the letters a and g that look different from the way these letters are printed by children.

Plastic letters, sock or small bag, clay or modeling dough, laminated cards with headline, midline, and baseline see below Note: If you do not have the CD or Mini-Charts, you can still teach this lower-case letters lesson plan using the folk tune listed on the Little Partners Song Lyrics page.

You can create your own mini-charts using the words in bold print letters in each verse of the Song Lyrics. View our Read-and-Sing book, Little Partnersthat coordinates with this lesson.

Order our cost-saving Volume 1 Combo online. Hold up two letter-set cards ex: Which one shows a small letter that looks a lot like its capital partner letter? Small letters are also called lower-case letters.This huge bundle includes every reading response activity booklet and lesson plan unit in my store for kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades.

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The story "My Shadow" provides the backdrop for this guided lesson on the letters I, M and J. Learning to read letter by letter allows children to focus not only on letter recognition, but on the sounds that the letters make in context.

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writing a lesson plan for kindergarten
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